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Agave Features 

Agave plants create an attractive garden space.  

Agave History: The word Agave originated from the Greek, meaning noble or admirable. The common botanical name is Century Plant and is a genus of Monocotyledonous Plant, a succulent plant belonging to the ancient family Agavaceae to which it gave its name. Currently in the Asparagaceae family.  Spanish explorers introduced Agaves into Europe, where they became popular during the 19th century. Some Agaves are used to make sweetners, syrups and tequila.


Whether you opt for a single Agave specimen plant in a decorative planter or multiple feature displays in your garden. You will no doubt be pleased with the result.  Agave’s are the perfect choice for very low-maintenance gardens too, they don’t require much water or attention being a succulent plant. Agaves constantly grow new leaves from the center, keeping these plants looking fresh and healthy throughout the year.  Agave’s appear to get better and bigger over time, each year growing around 10% larger. Overtime many have baby Agave plants.   

We have put together a small collection of pictures of just a few of the Agave Features we have created for our clients to help inspire you to make your own Agave Features. Check out the picture gallery below. 


Our Agave plant service offers clients just the Agave plants at “Wholesale Prices.” However, If required an “Agave Feature” planting service too.  You may well be surprised how a group of Agave plants can transform a dead space in your garden into something really amazing.



These fascinating plants come in a wide range of sizes from XS up to XXL. To view our range of sizes available, see our size and price guide below. 

Agave Plants - Sizes and Prices 

Sizes XS to XXL     Retail Price         SG Price                Plant  Width 

XS     = Extra Sml     20 Euros          10  Euros               12cm /16cm

S       = Small            50 Euros          25 Euros              25cm /30cm

M      = Medium       75 Euros          35 Euros               35cm/40cm

L        = Large           120 Euros         60 Euros              45cm/50cm

XL     =  X Large       150 Euros          75 Euros              55cm/65cm

XXL   = XX Large     200 Euros        100 Euros              70cm/80cm


Should you require extra long trunks in order to create your Agave feature please ask.

Free plant delivery within the Costa Blanca North on all orders over 200 euros.

We provide an “Agave Feature” planting service at an additional cost.

Gallery of Agave Features

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