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Palm Tree Cleaning

Palms need cleaning & shaping? Let us take care of them.

Here at Sunny Gardening Costa Blanca Tree and Palm Service. Cleaning and shaping palm trees is a job that we carry out every week. We pride ourselves on the quality of finish that we leave our clients precious palms.


We remove all green waste to the local eco center, blow all the affected areas of your garden leaving everywhere clean and tidy. We offer our valued clients both old and new competitive prices and always strive to just provide a high quality professional finish and service.


Many of our clients have used our palm tree cleaning service for over a decade and still do.

Protect your precious palm trees with our palm spraying treatment. (See details below).


We highly recommend our insecticide spray treatment to protect your precious palms against the devastating Red Weevil.  The treatment ideally should be carried out every 6 weeks, between the beginning of March and end of November. Its not worth the risk in losing your palms to the red palm weevil.  


Please contact us should you be concerned about your palm trees. We will advise and provide you with a price for any necessary treatment for one or more palm trees.  We are also happy to provide just our palm treatment spraying service on its own.  

There is no palm tree service job too big or small!

Palm trees can look amazing and exotic until they eventually become overgrown, or are just simply too large for the space they were originally planted. Once your palm trees grow past the point that you are happy to maintain them yourself, the work required to maintain them in the future becomes much more specalised. 


Therefore your palms will now require specific safety and climbing equipment both to climb and prune all the old fronds and remove any old decay, old boots, fruits and inflorescences (These are the flower spear clusters that bloom once a year in the early days of spring).        

We are palm tree cleaning experts also pine tree professionals, we have been both climbing, cleaning up and shaping these sturdy tall trees for over a decade. We have invested in the best machinery and tools that help us save time and to do the best possible job safely for our clients time after time.

Tree services is a type of work that can be very dangerous, therefore we always aim to do our work in the safest and most efficient manner possible. We are fully insured to protect ourselves and also for our clients own piece of mind. Should you choose to use our palm tree service, you can rest assured your completed job will be of a high quality and professional standard.     

Our team has extensive experience in both palm tree cleaning and shaping as well as palm tree removal.  So if you have a palm tree(s) that requires cleaning or shaping, or has been infected and is now in need of removing. 


Call Us today or use our Contact Form. We will provide you with a free no obligation quote and give you any advice needed for your job. So there´s no nasty surprises! 


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Our professional tree experts have been cleaning up and looking after our clients palm trees for over a decade.

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